Redfest Strawberry Festival

When it comes to festivals, they don’t get much bigger… or redder… no that’s not a typo. It’s Redfest, where the Redlands Coast turns up the heat on the humble strawberry.

This September, the festival will mark its sixtieth year. Boasting musicians and artists from across the world, it’s the region’s premier event, and at Wellington Point Farm, preparations are underway.

The farm has supplied Redfest with their star attraction for the past 16 years, delivering around two tonnes of strawberries to the event each year!

So what’s the secret to growing the perfect strawberry?

According to Wellington Point Farm’s Adrian Lynch, the Redlands has a different microclimate to everywhere else. The heat and humidity are a huge factor, as is the fact that because they sell direct to the public, they can pick the strawberries off the bush that little bit sweeter.

This is an advantage because unlike other fruits, strawberries don’t continue to ripen once picked.

The Redlands Museum pays homage to the much-loved fruit, and its namesake event, with displays of artefacts from past strawberry festivals – from the dress of a past Strawberry Queen, to the trophy awarded to winners of the title, newspaper clippings, and even a gigantic mural of the strawberry fields.

Be sure to head along to this year’s event. For all the details on the program, visit the Redfest website.