Brisbane Ice Cream Festival

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!

If you’re reading this, then we’re going to assume that one: you have a sweet tooth and two: there’s a 99.9% chance you’ll be attending Brisbane’s Ice Cream Festival on Saturday, March 11!

The Great Day Out is all about getting out and enjoying this sweet city of ours and when you throw ice cream in the mix, well…that’s just the cherry on top of your sundae!
After the festival is over you’ll probably be in search of your next sugar fix, and that’s where we come in.

We’ve done some digging around town to put together a list of where you can find some of our city’s most delicious ice creams! We dare you to try somewhere new and work your way through our list.


Mister Fitz
Gone are the days of hurrying to finish your ice cream cone before it melts all over your hands…or heaven forbid, falls on the floor (we speak from experience). Mister Fitz have taken ice cream to a whole new level with their ice cream sandwiches! In three easy steps you’ll be eating your way to ice cream heaven.
Step 1: Choose your cookie (the bread)
Step 2: Choose your ice-cream flavour (the filling)
Step 3: Sprinkle on your toppings! (the tasty bits)
And presto, your ice cream sandwich is complete!
However, if old habits die hard, you’re still able to pick up a cone with one of your favourite flavours scooped on top.
*our tip – try the candied bacon and french fries …yes, on ice cream!

Grey Street
South Bank

1 Little Street
Fortitude Valley

53 Lytton Road
East Brisbane


Feast your eyes on the world’s first vegan and bio-fermented coconut soft serve created by health food innovators, BSK. It’s a soft-serve frozen delight using only coconut water, organic bio-fermented coconut power and vegetable sourced stabalisers. CocoWhip is served in cafés and restaurants around Brisbane and Australia, so head to the website to discover a CocoWhip near you!


Milani House of Gelato
This charming ice-creamery has recently been crowned the grand champion of the Australia Grand Dairy Awards for 2017! Over 40 flavours of this award-winning gelato and sorbet are prepared each morning. We recommend you try the Death by Chocolate – the name says it all!
There’s something for everyone here, from vegan sorbet to gluten free options. Milani Gelato even cater for special events with gelato cakes and other delicious desserts so get in touch for details.

Shop 4, 53 Racecourse Road
3268 2082


Charlie’s Raw Squeeze
If you’re usually one to feel guilty after indulging in sweet treats, worry no more! Charlie’s Raw Squeeze have cleverly created Nice Creams! And they’re just that…nice on your waist and nice on your tastebuds too. (Thank you diet Gods!)
Choose from a range of flavours and if you dare to take things up another level…why not try the Loaded Nice Creams? Charlie’s Raw Squeeze are spread across town so visit their website to find one near you.


Gelato Messina
Since opening in Darlinghurst in 2002, Gelato Messina have had one goal and that was to set the benchmark for gelato in Australia. They now have stores all over Australia so we’d say that benchmark has been set pretty high! There are 5 new flavours in store each week which should be enough of a reason to keep going back for more!

Shop 33/72 – 80 Maine Parade
5536 5488

109 Melbourne Street
South Brisbane


Cold Rock
Let’s face it… there’s nothing better than combining one (or several) of your favourite treats with the ice cream of your choice. Watching the lovely people at Cold Rock smashing and mixing up your ice cream is probably something you can remember as a kid and so you should… Cold Rock was born here in Brisbane in the suburb of Aspley in 1996. They now span over 90 stores Australia wide. Go Queensland!


Brisbane Ice Cream Festival
97 Boundary Street, West End
11th March, 2017