Top 3 reasons to visit North Stradbroke Island’s Point Lookout

When was the last time you visited Point Lookout on gorgeous North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) on the Redlands Coast?

If it’s been a while, or if you’ve never been, here are a few reasons to get yourself there ASAP.

  1. The views from the headland

Some say it’s the most spectacular view in the country (if not the world)! On a sunny day, the sparkling turquoise waters are so clear you can spot pods of dolphins frolicking, turtles and manta rays playing (November to February) and whales cruising by on their annual migration (May to October). The headland is not only a great vantage point for marine life, but you’ll often share your perfect picnic spot with some friendly kangaroos grazing on the lawn.

Pick up some lunch from Loaves (bakery) or Fishes (fish & chip café) at the Point, or indulge in a treat from the popular Oceanic Gelati & Coffee Bar…they’re all located at the headland in front of the Gorge Walk.

Walk off that gelato along the gorgeous gorge (see what we did there)… It’s a must for all visitors. The gentle boardwalk offers incredible views across the ocean, to Main Beach and Jumpinpin – and it’s one of the best land-based vantage points in Australia to see dolphins, turtles, manta rays (November to February) and migrating humpback whales (May to October).

  1. Friendly locals

You may notice strangers waving and smiling at you…don’t panic! If you’re a city-slicker, you won’t be used to this on your hurried walk to work, but this is all part of the island vibe. Friendly locals will make you feel welcome. If you truly want to feel like a local, we suggest popping into Chiller’s Café, across from Home Beach…where you’re sure to feel right at home. They’re known for their friendly service, chilled vibes and freshly baked French patisserie treats. Their baker makes all of the breads, pastries, cakes and quiches with love every day. They also have a great breakfast menu (our tip is to try the haloumi and avocado tower), as well as the popular $10 bacon-and-egg sandwich with a coffee deal.

The same owners run French Ease up the road, closer to the headland. Here your taste-buds are treated to a modern French/Mediterranean menu and your eyes are treated to sensational views of the headland and ocean.

For more chews with a view, you can’t beat the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel. The bistro serves up quality pub fare and local seafood and the beer garden is perfect for a coldie while watching the waves rolling in on a lazy afternoon.

“You just forget where you are. You forget that 20 minutes away is one of Australia’s largest cities,” the pub manager told us. “It does take you a world away. I guess it’s your own little island retreat, right next door to Australia, right next door to your home. Something that’s unique.”

  1. You’ll feel like you’re a world away

The unspoiled natural environment offers 30 kilometres of pristine beaches and towering, rocky headlands. To truly appreciate the beauty of Point Lookout, it’s best to stay a couple of nights. The Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel offers a variety of rooms, but if you’d rather be surrounded by nature, we’d suggest Adder Rock Campground. It’s one of six locations run by Minjerribah Camping and is the closest campground to Point Lookout. It’s situated at the beachfront and sheltered behind native tea tree and pandanus forests. There’s something for every camper here – from unpowered van and tent sites, to powered, cabins, glamping bell tents, and luxury eco island glamping tents.

The campground is 100 per cent owned by the Quandamooka people, so you can have a cultural experience while you camp. Visitors can hear the stories of the area, which dates back many thousands of years.

Cameron Costello of the Quandamooka people is the CEO of Minjerribah Camping and he says that visitors can unwind on a deeper level when they stay here.

“The place is really special to us and the Adder Rock itself is actually a healing rock for our people. So campers come and they can unwind; and they’re probably wondering why they’re feeling a lot better when they leave. You actually get a great spiritual vibe from the place, and being with animals and nature, it just leaves you in really good spirits.”

Generations of campers and visitors have enjoyed Point Lookout because it’s such a special environment…so why not see for yourself?

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