The Best Breweries in Milton

When you think of breweries, inner city Brisbane isn’t the place that immediately comes to mind, but it seems that Milton is fast becoming a hotspot for a locally crafted amber ale. Tucked away in what we call the “Milton Bermuda Triangle”; where time is forgotten and anything can happen, is a swathe of establishments going for… Gold.

Most notably is XXXX, which has stood proud on top of the hill for many a year, the red neon lights a beacon for all those impartial to Queensland’s unofficial beer. You may have driven past it hundreds of times but never visited; inside is an alehouse, sampling only the freshest XXXX.

Just across the train line, on railway terrace, shadowed by XXXX, is a Aether Brewing, a hobby that two mates started, that just got a bit too popular. It’s every bloke’s dream to get paid to make beer and get paid for it- it’s fair to say that Jimmy and Dave are living a very tangible, delicious dream of 9 beers and ciders. Their business is expanding faster an improperly tapped keg, with a new brew house to open on the North Side in the next few months, upping their game from 500 litre to a 3,000 litre. Cheers to that.

You would think that all this competition would be bad for business, but not so! Over on Castlemaine St, Newstead Brewing are going gang busters. Setting up shop, just over a year ago, their brewery is the company’s canning headquarters, punching out pallets of the good oil on any given day.

But what’s all this booze without a decent feed? Not much. Newstead Brewery’s pub grub is something they should be proud of – the chicken burger is a hot favourite. The pepperoni pizza washed down with a 1909 Coastal Ale, will have you chucking a sickie for the rest of the arvo…