Once Around The Block in Moffat Beach

Located on the northern side of Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast sits Moffat Beach – a small seaside community known for its vibrant strip of alfresco cafes and restaurants, chatty locals, and of course the famous surf break, also home to the annual Pa & Ma Bendall Memorial Surfing Contest.

One of the haunts that sits along the Moffat strip is The Pocket Espresso Bar. Having called ‘Moffs’ home for over 6 years now, The Pocket has been so loved by those near and far that just a few months ago they decided to expand their space to what is now ten times the size of its original cozy nook, which is actually how the name “Pocket” came about. Besides its picture-perfect view, we think The Pocket’s popularity can also be put down to their locally brewed (and damn good) coffee, and of course their avo smash. And while you can start your day at The Pocket, you can also finish it at sunset with one of their ridiculously good cocktails – our favourite was the salted caramel espresso!

Just around the block from The Pocket, you’ll find Holloway Gallery – home to the work of artists from Spain, USA, Japan and more, and also for those who actually call Moffat Beach their home. One particular work Holloway currently have on exhibit, which may look incredibly familiar, is actually a scene of Moffat – with artists travelling from across the country (and globe) to capture the iconic beach by paint and brush. If you haven’t been to Holloway, you’re sure to be greeted by the friendly face of Annie – owner of the gallery and also a Moffat local who’ll be happy to have a chat whether you’re looking for art to take home as a memory or just a simple “hi” as you wander by!

Down the road you’ll find the only beachside brewery in Australia – Moffat Beach Brewing Co… and we can say their paddle boards taste just as good as they look! With brews like Deadbeat Boyfriend and Bounty Coconut Stout on Nitro, this microbrewery is taking Moff locals by a storm… a beery good storm. And if you’re hungry, they also trade as Blackwater – a restaurant known for its sensationally good parmys.

All in all, it’s never a dull day at Moffat Beach, and there are plenty of other restaurants, boutiques and cafés to explore while you’re in town. And remember, it’s only an hour north of Brisbane, so be sure to put Moffs at the top of your day trip list.