How to make the most of a weekend in Queensland’s Blackbutt

Blackbutt is the southern gateway to the South Burnett region, with a lot of visitations by people on their bicycles riding the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail! We were drawn to this quaint little town – and not just because of the friendly faces and quirky spaces Blackbutt has on offer – but because of the pies this town has to its name. Yes, you read correctly – the pies!

A little while back, our friends at Creek to Coast shared who they think are deserving of the Top 10 best pies in Australia… but this was before they came to know Blackbutt. Our team were inundated with requests across our social platforms to try a Blackbutt pie, so much that we cleared our shoot schedule and hit the road almost immediately – with our next stop being Blackbutt Bakery. While there, our crew filmed a behind-the-scenes Facebook Live where they taste-tested just a few of the flavours.

Roberta Anson and her partner Jim are the masterminds behind Blackbutt Bakery. When Roberta isn’t out front chatting to the locals, she’s down the back cooking up a storm. She’ll even do twenty-hour days and go to bed at three o’clock, then get back up at six, completely wired to cook. When she’s not busying herself with either of those tasks, Roberta will be researching her next creation to put in the cabinets. So far, Blackbutt Bakery has whipped up dim sim pies, the big mac, crocodile, alpaca and more… anything Roberta can put in a pie, she will put in a pie! You’ve got to get there and try one for yourself.

And of course, if you’re in town, you’re going to need somewhere to stay. As the mayor says, “Every town needs to have a hotel!” Just across the road is Hotel Radnor, and they sure are home to some bloody good meals and some excellent budget accommodation options.

Thinking of planning a trip? Head to Blackbutt over the weekend of September 14 for their annual avocado festival – it’s one not to be missed! And if you’re itching to get there sooner, stop by on your way through to Kingaroy for their annual BaconFest one month earlier from August 23-25, 2019.