Sharyn Ghidella’s Great Day Out

7NEWS Co-host Sharyn Ghidella joins The Great Day Out for a special experience with her kids Austin and Darcy, climbing Brisbane’s most prominent icon, the Story Bridge.

“Why not climb the Story Bridge?” Sharon asked us. “It’s here. I’ve always wanted to conquer it.”

She conquered the Bridge climb, but how well did she survive the 30-metre abseil off the side? Watch the video to find out.

Read the episode transcript below:

I’m Sharyn Ghidella, and I co-present Seven News weekdays, Monday to Friday.

What’s not to love about my job? I mean, I have a great job. It allows you … If you’ve got an inquiring mind, which I do have, it allows me to ask questions of people. I get to meet amazing people as a result of that. You’re also keeping up to date with the time. The thing about news is it’s constant; it constantly changes all the time.

So everyday I wake up, and it’s something completely different. You get to find out about what’s happening in the world, what’s happening locally, and you get to see amazing places like this as part of your work.

Outside of work, I do try to be active. I do try to get the legs moving and do a bit of exercise. I love long walks with the boys. It’s actually a lovely time. We bond together. We get to talk. It’s like doing a power walk with you guys. When they’re on their scooters, I try very hard to keep up, but most of the time we just walk together and enjoy the company.

It’s always nice to end up here at the cafe. I mean, I’m not a coffee drinker at all. I’ve never ever drank coffee in my life, but it’s nice just to have a peppermint tea, warm up, sit down, have a chat, and the cakes here are very good, as well.

My son is not the most elegant of eaters, I can say. He does like to get his food all over his face. There he is. Hey, chocolate grin.

Well, my great day always entails a little bit of adventure somewhere along the way, which is why I thought: why not climb the Story Bridge? It’s here. I’ve always wanted to conquer it. And the other thing about the Story Bridge is you get to see 360-degree views of Brisbane.

Welcome to the Story Bridge. You’ve got the River Walk over here. That’s New Farm over there, and you can see that hill over there with the two lots on top of it? That’s Mt Gravatt.

When you’re up there with the high rise, you kind of feel a bit part of the city a little bit more. It just gives you a different view of Brisbane and it’s a pretty damn good view, I must say.

It’s just beautiful. It’s going to be a lovely sunrise.

So it had 400 workers on the bridge while it was being constructed, and it took five years to build. It’s actually very similar construction-wise to the Sydney Harbour Bridge because John Bradfield, who the highway under us is named after, designed the City Harbour Bridge first, and then came here. This bridge is a copy of a bridge in Montreal in Canada.

It’s just wonderful to see the sunrise. Brisbane is blessed with some of the sunrises we get, and we’re very lucky today to see that sun poking through the clouds. Is it worth getting up for?…

Alrighty. You’ve guys had fun here. I’m going to head down to the abseil point. So, nice and slow down the stairs.

When I say I wanted to be adventurous, I didn’t actually mean abseiling.
I think that initial, when you go out over the ledge and you sort of realise you’re actually hanging by just a rope …

Whose idea was this? No, I don’t have a fear of heights.

By the time I got to the bottom, it felt like I could let go of that rope, and really enjoy the experiences. That’s fantastic, isn’t it? Wow. It actually wasn’t even scary. I actually thought I’d be a lot more frightened than I was. That was fantastic. A lot of fun. Can we do it again?

It was a really great day out.