Sam Mac

Sam Mac is a busy man. He travels the country – and the world – in his job as weather presenter on Sunrise.

And when Sam is away for work, he misses his two beloved cats – Catra and Coco.

Recently on assignment in Brisbane, Sam found time to pop into the Cat Cuddle Café in suburban Red Hill – a great place for a ‘feline fix’.

The unusual cafe is more than a place to grab a coffee and pat a purring cat: you can also adopt a new pet while you’re there! Every kitty in the café is a rescue cat, looking for its safe, ‘forever’ home with caring new owners.

The Cat Cuddle Café is always welcoming new arrivals and adoptions – including kittens, adult cats and moggies with special needs.

Cat Cuddle Café
3189 2426
60 Musgrave Road, Red Hill