My Great Day Out: Leisel Jones

Four-time Olympic swimmer, Leisel Jones, is a born-and-bred Brissie girl who has recently returned home after living in Melbourne and Sydney. She has a particularly soft spot for Paddington because of its diversity.

“I chose Paddington because it’s just such a nice place to be, in the way that it has that little strip of shops on Given Terrace,” she said. “We’ve got great coffee, we’ve got great food. You just can’t go wrong in Paddington.”

Leisel usually starts her day with a game of tennis against her husband at the Roy Emerson Tennis Centre, where you can choose from six courts and a rebound court. It also offers up amenities and seating where you can enjoy a well-earned cup of coffee or a snack after your game.

“For me, an hour can go by–and a game of tennis–and I feel like I haven’t even worked out at all,” Leisel said.

From there, Leisel enjoys catching up with a friend at Anouk on Given Terrace.

“It’s a really beautiful restaurant,” she said. “Beautiful fresh food.”

Finally, Leisel enjoys getting artsy with a painting workshop at recently opened Bristle by Melissa Simmonds.

With a gorgeous little shop upstairs and workshop below, it’s the perfect place to unleash your creative flair, judgement-free!

“When I was swimming, it was very much an analytical thing,” she said. “With sport, it’s all about thinking and not a lot of creative, whereas I think I’m kind of a creative person.”

Leisel’s certainly enjoying being back in her home town.

“I love Brisbane. You’re an hour from the beach each way,; there’s just so much to do! Life is easy in Brisbane,” she said. “It’s just pretty chilled, everyone’s still laid-back.”

“Brisbane people are just a different breed of people in the way that they’re so friendly! And there’s still that country feel, where you can go to your local shop…It’s just a big thing for me; I love that.”