My GDO: Emily Jade O’Keeffe

She’s the bright, bubbly blonde that Gold Coasters love listening to every weekday morning. Emily Jade O’Keeffe is part of the breakfast team on Hot Tomato 102.9.

She calls the gorgeous GC home, and loves making the most of the weather and outdoor activities with her husband and two adorable children.

A Great Day Out for Emily Jade involves spending quality time with her family. A visit to Sea World is always a hit with her nine-month-old son Teddy and seven-year-old daughter Millie. She loves that it appeals to both age groups.

“Teddy, for the first time seeing animals is adorable,” she said.

“We can show him the dolphins, although he’s more interested in the seagull,” she added, laughing. “Millie still loves the animals but also all of the rides, obviously.”

“I think with Sea World, and with all the ‘worlds’ on the Gold Coast, you can buy the VIP pass, which is so cheap, and you can go whenever you like, and they’ve always got something new at Sea World. At the moment they’ve got the brand new Thunder Lake Stunt Show, and it’s just amazing for the kids. And the jellyfish are just so beautiful. But even the regular stuff is just amazing – you can stare at the little penguins all day; they are so funny.”

Why Emily Jade loves the Gold Coast

Posted by The Great Day Out on Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Another activity the family loves doing together is golf. Emily Jade has recently taken up training at Royal Pines Resort, and so has her daughter Millie.

“I’m really enjoying playing golf, because it does actually give you really good quality time with your family. It’s a nice slow game; you get to talk, you get to be together, you get vitamin D; and also for Millie, it’s a great skill for women to have.”

After hitting a few balls, the family usually heads inside the club for a bite to eat. There are a few dining options to choose from at Royal Pines, but a family-favourite is Videre, which offers stunning views of the Gold Coast.

“Videre has kind of become the restaurant that we celebrate birthdays, that we have our date nights at and have family celebrations. Our aunt and uncle recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary up here at Videre. So it’s a special restaurant for us.”