MKR’s Andy and Ruby on their Great Day Out

The Peruvian Princesses of MKR continuously impressed with their dishes on the show, and when it comes to a Great Day Out in their home town, it turns out they know their way around the southeast just as well as the kitchen.

Both moved to Brisbane around 10 years ago and met at a party, instantly bonding over their love of food. It’s that same love of food that drives them to constantly try new places around town, and both refer to Brisbane as “up and coming” when it comes to the dining scene.

Andy and Ruby like to start the day as many of us do, with a coffee. Ruby’s local is the iconic Lighthouse Café in Cleveland. Ruby says not only is their coffee amazing–the water views are second to none.

After their caffeine hit, the girls get active. Andy is into yoga and Ruby is a Pilates instructor, so when they work out together, they like to combine the two for the ultimate fitness regime. Their chosen Pilates-yoga spot? Raby Bay Foreshore Park overlooking Raby Bay, with the fresh air of the outdoors allowing them to feel at one with nature.

Of course, after a morning of calorie-burning, it’s time to refuel and both agree their current favourite dining destination is Hellenika at the Calile Hotel on James Street.

Both get excited at the sheer mention of the zucchini chips, telling us the batter is light, fluffy and simply to die for – a must-try! Other worthy mentions include the Htapodi (grilled octopus) and the simple, but freshest ingredients make up an amazing Horiatiki salata (Greek salad).

After lunch, a couple of drinks are in order and the ladies are fans of the new Howard Smith Wharves precinct… Felons Brewery in particular for their “jug” of rosé. Less than a bottle, but more than two glasses, it’s the perfect option to end the day — with that iconic view of the Story Bridge from underneath.

Adios, amigas!