How Susie O’Neill Spends A Day In Brisbane

As one of Australia’s most successful swimmers, Susie O’Neill is a household name, although during her career she was perhaps more well known as “Madame Butterfly”.

Susie’s career these days is in the media – as part of Nova 106.9’s breakfast team – Ash, Kip, Luttsy & Susie.

Brisbane born and bred, Susie still lives in Brisbane full time with her family – husband Cliff, and two teenage children. And one of the many reasons Susie still lives and loves Brisbane is the weather and the fact it is a perfect city to raise a family.

A great day out for Susie involves knocking off after her breakfast radio shift, cycling to her local swimming pool to swim a few laps before taking some time out with the family for a casual lunch.

Unlike many ex-swimmers, Susie still has a love for the water and refers to it as her “happy place”. It’s almost like a form of relaxation for her – silence except for the sound of her breathing.