Glen Barratt’s Great Day Out

Glen Barratt is the Executive Chef of popular Brookfield café, Wild Canary Bistro.

The food on the menu is more a work of art, than a meal. From breathtakingly beautiful cakes garnished with edible flowers, to their main meals which look almost too good to eat.

One of Glen’s pride and joys is Wild Canary’s extensive kitchen garden, just a few steps from the kitchen door. The chefs have free range, picking herbs and garnishes fresh each day.

Glen is as passionate about food as he about his 1950’s Holden FX Sedan. On a weekly basis, he’ll jump in for a ride to visit farmers located in the Scenic Rim. It’s during these meetings where he’ll chat to growers about their produce, what’s new in the garden and what’s yet to come.

One of the restaurant’s suppliers is Peak Veggie Patch, located between Ipswich and the Scenic Rim suburb of Peak Crossing. Troy and Vicki Muller specialise in growing heirloom tomatoes with tons of flavor!

Glen will be showcasing delicious produce like Troy and Vicki’s scrumptious tomatoes, at the Winter Harvest Festival on Saturday, 7th July. He’ll be hosting cooking demonstrations where you too, can learn to cook with love and great produce.

The Winter Harvest festival is one of the signature events as part of the Scenic Rim’s Eat Local Week which is on from Saturday, 30th June until Sunday, 8th July.