Ben Roberts-Smith’s Great Day Out

Former Australian Army Soldier and Victoria Cross recipient, Ben Roberts-Smith shares his Great Day Out.

Ben begins every day with a work-out, something he believes benefits not only his physical health, but mental health – also the routine is something he’s at ease with thanks to his 20 year history with the military. It’s a positive start to his day and an outlet for any of the pressures of everyday life.

After his gym session, Ben usually heads home for time with his wife, daughters and pet Border Collie. Ben’s daughters are keen netball players, so he takes any opportunity to shoot hoops with his girls. Ben believes quality time with his family is the most valuable thing, and showing them that he’s there to support them in anything that they choose to do.

An important part of Ben’s day leads back to his connections with the military as he regularly checks in with patients of the Keith Payne Unit in Greenslopes Private Hospital. Opening in 1996, it specializes in dealing with the mental issues of veterans and war widows.

Ben’s favourite thing about Queensland is the weather, and he particularly loves the laid-back atmosphere of the Sunshine Coast.