What you’ll see on Brisbane’s Walking Art Tours

Whether you’re visiting Brisbane or you’ve lived here for decades, chances are you’ve walked the inner-city streets many times… but who actually has a proper look around? We’re talking up the sides of buildings, the artwork on the ground, the murals and sculptures lining the streets. With Walk Brisbane, you can!

The Art and Design tour takes in the many works of art and architecture of the city, and Lee-Anne Harris is one of the guides who tells the stories behind them.

Some highlights of the Walk Brisbane Art and Design Tour include:

Wintergarden Façade

The butterflies of the side of the Wintergarden building reflect the garden theme. When first commissioned, it was designed to be an “I’ll meet you at…” destination, and we think it’s become just that.

Adelaide Street

Next time you’re walking up this central city street, pay close attention to the lamp posts… you might find some interesting, and very cute: wildlife! There are six animals in total and they’ve been there for 20 years. Bet you’ve never seen them!

Burnett Lane

The site of the original male convict barracks is absolutely saturated with artwork, some of it more obvious than other pieces.

There’s the outline and writings of James Charles Burnett, the lane’s namesake who was a famous surveyor and explorer of Queensland and New South Wales.

There’s also the blue art of Blue Art Ninja who, according to Lee-Anne, gets around in a blue ninja suit scattering his artwork throughout the city… but no one knows who he is.

City Roos

At the end of Burnett Lane, there are some leisurely kangaroos made entirely out of mechanics. The idea behind this piece, which was commissioned by the Brisbane City Council, was to convey that there’s room in the city for everybody. A lovely message.