Adam Brand’s Great Day Out

Country Music Singer Adam Brand grew up in small country towns…but a Great Day Out for him is spent by the water!

This country-boy-at-heart lives on the Gold Coast and loves the fact that it offers the best of many worlds – beaches, city, hinterland and of course beautiful waterways. After a busy schedule touring the country in a van with his band, he enjoys getting behind the wheel of a boat and heading out for a relaxing day on the water. A favourite spot to cruise to is South Stradbroke Island and McLaren’s Landing Beach Bar provides an island escape 15 minutes from his home. Adam swaps the guitar for a ukulele and plants his feet in the sand. Bliss.

Adam’s celebrating 20 years in the industry and has wrapped up his life’s journey in a new song he’s written called Milestones.

“First kiss, first car, first love, broken heart, the first time I saw my Dad play guitar. You win some, you lose some, memories and milestones, ‘cause that’s who we are”

You can follow Adam’s journey here.

Meet Country Music Singer Adam Brand – Full Interview

Meet Adam Brand – one of Australia’s most popular & successful country music singers 🎵To see what Adam gets up to on a Great Day Out in South-East Queensland, head to our website:

Posted by The Great Day Out on Thursday, 13 September 2018

If you’d like to check out McLaren’s Beach Bar, you’ll find it on South Stradbroke Island, open weekends. You’ll need your own boat or jet-ski (or even better, a friend with one), you can book a water taxi, or check the website for their scheduled “Island Sunday” cruises from Southport.