Zero Latency

The latest revolution in gaming is here and it’s touched down in Brisbane.

Zero Latency may look like any ordinary building from the street; but inside, you’re dazzled by state of the art wireless technology, motion tracking back packs and an empty warehouse space, that transports you to something like you’ve never seen before.

Your body is the controller and your mind believes it’s real. Virtual reality headsets are donned, headphones are plugged in and the computer strapped to your back simulates you walking through the computer animated world.

From the moment you’re in the game, it’s all hands-on deck as hordes of flesh eating zombies attack you (and your 7 other team mates) in a futuristic world. It’s up to you to save the day.

The main distinction between this and other similar virtual reality experiences is that you’re not tethered into anything – which means you can walk freely around the space, no exceptions – yes my friends, welcome to the new dawn of gaming.

There’s really no way to explain how it feels to be in the game, so check out Zero Latency VR in the Valley – guaranteed you’ll be hooked. A 1 hour session starts at $88.