Virtual Reality in Fortitude Valley

You put these headsets on and your eyes are in a new world. It is really exciting and the thing I love is watching people when they get inside the headset – they just lose themselves into that world.”

Welcome to the future of tech and games – virtual reality is here to stay and it’s getting frighteningly real. Nick Wallace is the founder of Free Space VR, Brisbane’s first and only VR (virtual reality) arcade. Nick gave us an insight into the next generation of gameplay.

“I tell people 10 to 15 years from now, VR and AR (augmented reality) will be a part of everyone’s lives just the same way as mobile phones and laptops and things are right now. They’ll be used in classrooms all the time; they’ll be used in your workplace, as well. So it’s really exciting.”

With over 50 titles to choose from, there are many types of games and experiences – from cowboy and alien shoot ‘em ups, to playing a surgeon in open-heart surgery, to swimming with whales in the big blue, there are plenty of options to immerse yourself in the future.

Freespace VR is recommended for kids 8 years old and up and 1 hour’s worth of play starts from $49.