Toowong Rowing Club

While most of Brisbane is still tucked up in bed, the members of the Toowong Rowing

Club are already out on the water. Squads regularly start their day at 04:30am.

In 2015, the club became number one in Australian Rowing at the elite and masters level.

Everyone one from school students, semi-professional athletes, and even Olympians have passed through their halls; the club can even boast an active group of septuagenarians who started rowing with the club while they were in high school in the 50s.

For people wanting to get involved with the sport, but have no experience, sign up for one of Toowong Rowing’s “Learn to Row” courses. An experienced instructor will teach the basics, and they’ll put participants on the water on the very first day. They’ll even ease beginners into the rowing lifestyle- beginners don’t have to start until 7:30am!

Toowong Rowing Club
Keith Street, St Lucia
3371 7038