Time Stands Still at a Sunshine Coast Museum

Bernie and Revleigh Daniels are the self-confessed “bower birds” of the Sunshine Coast.

Between them, the couple has spent decades amassing an amazing array of collectibles from yesteryear – which they display in their private museum at Chevallum.

Head to Koogie Downs Museum (named for a beloved former pet cattle dog) and you’ll discover shed after shed of relics – everything from the first refrigerator (circa early 1900s) to horse-drawn carriages.

Phone ahead for admission and Bernie will give you a tour of his private collection.

There’s an entire building devoted to stationary engines – Bernie’s first love – and many of them still turn over, creating a symphony of clunks and whirs.

You’ll also find antique dolls, psychedelically-coloured telephones from the ’60s and ’70s, early lawnmowers, old-fashioned cash registers, a parade of 1920s Deering tractors, and an automated wood-cutting machine – to name but a few of the thousands of pieces of flotsam and jetsam from the past that Bernie and Revleigh have proudly rescued.

Their hope is to preserve Australia’s history – how our great-grandparents and grandparents once lived.

You could spend hours – perhaps days – sifting through this physical catalogue of our social history.  Bring the kids and enlighten them to the way things used to be, before iPhones and PlayStations.

You’ll find Koogie Downs Museum at 58 Rainforest Road, Chevallum – about a 90-minute drive from Brisbane in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Visits can be arranged by calling Bernie or Revleigh on 5445 9100 – or head to their Facebook page.