Surf Flow Yoga and Therapy on the Gold Coast

Surf Flow Yoga is about immersing oneself into the healthy movement and lifestyle that revolves around the art of surfing. By combining a range of practices using biomechanics to alleviate physical imbalances and improve movement patterns, some say it feels almost like you’re flying.

Pro-surfer, Takkesh Mizoguchi-Thorne, has developed his foundational training and workshops to teach others the techniques he has used throughout his surfing career. He says the technique allows people to elongate the spine.

“Surf Flow is movement; a combination of yoga and then the surf movement into the waves, so what’s going to make you have more fluidity in the water,” is how Takkesh describes it.

Takkesh offers Surf Flow therapy sessions available to book on his website.

He also offers a variety of Surf Flow movement classes based in Kirra Beach, which are available for anyone to attend.