Space Flight Academy

Science and technology are taking us to new heights all the time – so it’s entirely possible the kids of today will be the astronauts of tomorrow. So with school holidays on the event horizon, here’s an out-of-this-world suggestion for your budding space explorer.

Spaceflight Academy at Pimpama on the Gold Coast is Australia’s first astronaut training centre. Spaceflight Academy celebrates man’s achievements in space with museum-style displays – and provides the setting for astronaut training that’s as real as it gets outside of Cape Canaveral.

Space Camps of 1 to 5 days’ duration are held at the academy to educate, entertain and encourage the cosmonauts of tomorrow. But the experience is open to adults with stars in their eyes too.

Astronaut training at the academy includes zero-gravity EVA simulations; the MAT – or Multi-Axis Trainer – which recreates the experience of piloting an out-of-control space craft; and a manned mission on board the capsule Rigel, complete with motion effects.

Spaceflight Academy Gold Coast
1 Pimpama-Jacobs Well Rd, Pimpama
0408 973 296