A look inside the 3 Rooms at ‘Seraphim Escape’ in Ipswich

Seraphim Escape offers three fantastic escape rooms in Ipswich’s CBD, just a 45-minute drive from Brisbane.

The rooms were created by locals Kez and Harley Jarrett. They’ve always loved escape rooms and started by creating them in their home for friends.

Eventually they decided to open their own escape rooms, and Seraphim Escape was born. The three rooms are…

Santa’s Cottage

This is a family-friendly room that is great for the whole family. It’s not scary and visitors must get back on Santa’s nice list in order to escape.

The Executioner’s Toolshed

The Executioner’s Toolshed is said by some to be Queensland’s scariest room. Not for the faint-hearted!


The third room is called Atonement, where visitors must work their way through the seven deadly sins in order to survive!

All the escape rooms were conceived and built by Kez and Harley, which makes them totally unique.

Each room can accommodate up to six people — perfect for families, a night out with friends or a work team-building exercise.

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