Redlands Kayak Tour

Redlands Kayak Tours offer a range of guided excursions across some of the most picturesque waterways in the Redlands district.

One of their saltwater excursions for more experienced kayakers is called the “Straddie Sunrise Tour.” Experiencing dawn over Moreton Bay waters is good for the soul, and the four-hour paddle that follows, from Wellington Point to Cleveland Point, is great exercise for the body.

Groups take in a unique low-level view of the historic Cleveland Point Lighthouse, before returning to shore near the Grand View Hotel. It’s a beautiful example of early architecture, and it is Queensland’s oldest licensed pub. The Grand View is the perfect breakfast setting, and a hot meal is appreciated after all that hard work.

Other, more gentle, paddles that are designed to appeal to a broad age group are also available from Redlands Kayak Tours. Their website has all the details.

Redlands Kayak Tours
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