Redlands History

Situated on five richly red acres of farmland by the bay in Birkdale, The Flower Farm provides the freshest flowers direct to the public. Family owned and operated in the Redlands for over 36 years, The Flower Farm considers every flower they grow to be special, they nurture them to ensure when chosen by you, that they blossom into their full potential.

The flowers are hand picked and presented for sale within hours ensuring freshness and
longevity. Every presentation whether it be arrangement, bouquet or even a bunch is
carefully considered so that the farm experience is transcended to your special someone.

The Flower Farm
72  Birkdale Road, Birkdale, Queensland.
3207 2129

Historic Ormiston House was built in the 1860s by Capt. Louis Hope, who was to become
known as the Father of the Australian Sugar Industry. The house is surrounded by 14 acres of equally historic grounds and gardens overlooking Moreton Bay, a beautiful setting for one of the finest examples of colonial architecture in Queensland. Ormiston House is listed on the Queensland Heritage Register.

It is one of Queensland’s few remaining 1860s country houses, and one of few houses of the period with hot water, gas and flushing toilet facilities. The house and grounds tell us a lot about how people lived in country areas in the 1860s. The house and its grounds have been carefully restored over the past 48 years, funded by the fundraising activities of a volunteer committee and a team of dedicated volunteers.

Ormiston House
277 Wellington Street
Ormiston, QLD 4160
3286 1425

The Redland Museum is considered to be one of the finest local museums in the state of Queensland with a great collection consisting over 14,000 items. You can see, read about and feel magnificent artefacts that are displayed as a record of the Redland Shire’s social history from 1842 to the present day.

The contribution of the Museum to the Redlands community is enormous. It houses, preserves and displays some of the most significant artefacts of the Redlands, weaving a tale of pioneers, farms, economic development and phenomenal regional growth.

Redlands Museum
60 Smith St, Cleveland, Queensland.
3286 3494