Mum and Bub Art Classes at Cork and Chroma

Cork and Chroma in South Brisbane is a ‘paint-and-sip’ studio where groups can enjoy art sessions whilst enjoying a drink with friends. At the end of a paint-and-sip session, guests will be able to take home a painting of their own making.

Recently, Cork and Chroma have started ‘Mummart’ sessions. They are for new mothers to hone their creativity and spend quality time with their babies.

The sessions run every Wednesday from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m., although mums are encouraged to come and go during that time as they please. Sessions cost just $25.

You don’t need any experience to enjoy Mummart. Step-by-step painting instructions are supplied and artists are on hand to provide tips.

But mums are also encouraged to bring their own inspiration and create whatever painting they like.

The baby-friendly environment means mums can tend to their infant’s needs without worrying about disrupting the session.