‘Make it Yourself’ is Making a Comeback

Let’s face it – we live in a world that demands instant gratification and convenience at pretty much any cost.

Mass production has certainly made our lives easier. But how easy has it been on Mother Earth?

Happily, there’s an antidote to the ills of modern mass consumerism: make it yourself. It’s good for the planet, good for your hip pocket, and makes you feel oh-so-very clever!

BIOME is an eco-friendly retailer that champions living lightly and ethically on the earth. There are several stores across Brisbane – and at the Paddington Collective Space, you can sign up for a range of “Do It Yourself” workshops.

Learn to create your own beauty products, personal toiletries, cleaning products and even clothes – using safe, natural ingredients and products.

A great option for beginners is the one hour “Lip Balm and Solid Perfume” workshop, in which you’ll learn to hand-make (and take home) three customized lip balms or solid perfumes using beautiful essential oils. The workshop costs just $20 per person.

Check out all the BIOME workshop options online here.

There’s a similar philosophy at work behind the Ministry of Hand-made – where Julie and Maurice Hillier teach time-honoured “made by hand” skills at their Bridgeman Downs studio.

Most workshops on offer focus on the use of fabrics – including the three-hour lampshade-making class. Learn how to create your own customized lampshade, clothes, furniture and soft furnishings – and rediscover the thrill, pride and thrift of making it yourself.

Julie and Maurice encourage the recycling of fabrics or garments – and the use of sustainable materials.

They also offer “Makers Escapes” – all-inclusive creative retreats held over long weekends in beautiful locations. So, you can connect with a community who are embracing the “make-it-yourself” mantra.

By Carole Horne