Major Dirtbox

If you’ve ever owned a Tonka Truck, have a fascination with big boys’ toys, or just want a break from being an adult…this has to be the best way to unleash your inner child!

Major Dirtbox lets you climb aboard and take control of real, heavy duty, construction equipment. Ever wanted to drive a dump truck, dig a ditch or control a bobcat? No worries!

If you’ve never had the urge, well, it’s definitely one for the bucket-list.

Major Dirtbox, based at Yatala, is the only place in Australia where the public can operate this type of machinery.

If just driving one of these beasts isn’t enough for you, you can choose to take on one of the challenges – like using a digger to get a basketball in a drum; or the impossible-looking spoon challenge that requires a lot of concentration to scoop up a golf-ball with a soup-spoon attached to the arm of a giant excavator.

The activities are suited to just about everyone over the age of 12. The only limit is your own sense of adventure.

If you’d like to tick this off your own bucket list, packages start at $100.

Major Dirtbox
38 Prairie Rd, Yatala
3489 7784