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It’s the land that time forgot. Tumbling cascades. Spectacular views. An abundance of life. The Sunshine Coast Great Walk is a 58 kilometre trek through one of the most dramatic terrains in Queensland – the Blackall Range.

The whole trail takes 4 days to walk, but lucky there are shorter, easily accessible options that still offer up great rewards – like Baxter Creek Falls, tucked away between Flaxton and Mapleton. Steve Grainger offers guided tours of these lesser known gems in South East Queensland, through his tour company Tropical Treks.

Steve’s been in the biz for over 20 years and his passion for nature is backed by his qualification as a professional Savannah Guide. That means he has a trained eye for spotting interesting flora and fauna, and he has a wealth of knowledge which he’s more than happy to share with visitors (ask him to point out the trap door spider burrows!). The beauty of joining Steve is that he’ll point out things you’d otherwise walk right past and he’ll help you come away with a greater appreciation of your surroundings. It’s certainly a lovely way to recharge the senses and reconnect with nature. Baxter Creek Falls is a tranquil oasis. With the soundtrack of the softly tumbling falls, it’s easy to while away a couple of hours of serenity.

To truly immerse yourself in nature, Steve offers a Luxe Trekking package with Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat – nestled among the trees at Montville. Narrows Escape is an award-winning retreat perched on the edge of Kondalilla Falls National Park. The private tree-house style accommodation offers a spa bath, beautiful appointed bedroom and lounge, log fire, kitchen, a large balcony complete with hammock, and you can arrange to have a BBQ pack waiting for you after your day of exploration. The Luxe Trekking Package features an all-inclusive two night stay in a rainforest pavilion, breakfast, two dinners and the guided walk with Tropical Treks including lunch and snacks. The 3 day packages costs $1600 per couple and is a fabulous gift idea.

You’ll find more details on the variety of tours Steve offers on his Tropical Treks website.

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