With a population of about 400, the sleepy town of Leyburn is a perfect destination for a weekend away. Take the road less travelled, head west, then take a sharp left out of T-Bar (Toowoomba) and travel 70 clicks to the south – this is where you’ll find this country town that has all the hallmarks of yesteryear; a post office, general store and a pub. That’s it.

The Royal (probably the most country name for a pub) is a destination in itself – pitched right in the middle of town, it’s bar is extensive and its beer is cold. Not to forget, a counter meal is something that you need in your life – check out the parmies, there’s something about devouring one that’s bigger than your head, (feeling satiated) but still wanting more.

Every year thousands flock to the Leyburn Sprints, established in 1996, with the population swelling to over 12,000 – a rev head’s mecca. Old and restored, loud and proud characters spin and buzz their way around the town circuit.

Leyburn, a must do.

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