Lady Elliot Island

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most extraordinary natural wonders. It’s the largest living structure on Earth. A breathtaking underwater wonderland that every Queenslander should experience…and there’s an easy way to do that!

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort offers day trips from Redcliffe and the Gold Coast, so you can experience The Great Barrier Reef in a Day. So you can be enjoying a cuppa in the city, and an 80-minute flight later, you’ll arrive in paradise. The Island sits at the southern end of The Great Barrier Reef, around 80 kilometres north-east of Bundaberg and nestled in between Fraser Island and Lady Musgrave.

It’s the closest Great Barrier Reef island to Brisbane and it’s regarded as one of the best snorkelling and diving destinations on the entire reef.

Lady Elliot offers many ways to explore the reef, and the glass bottom boat snorkelling tour is a great introduction. The island is a sanctuary for over 1,200 species of marine life, but Lady Elliot is famous for one animal in particular – the majestic Manta Ray. People travel from all over the world to dive with the Mantas!

Visitors can experience many life-changing marine encounters on the island – it’s home to The Great Barrier Reef’s “Great 8” (Clown Fish, Giant Clams, Manta Rays, Maori Wrasse, Cod, Sharks, Turtles, Whales) – it’s a bit like visiting Africa and seeing the “big 5”. If you visit the island at the right time, and you’re there for long enough, you can tick all eight off your bucket list.

Another great way to explore the reef is on a guided reef walk. Lady Elliot is surrounded by a tidal lagoon, and at low tide, it’s easily accessible for families to get an up-close look at the marine life. There’s only a handful of places on the whole Great Barrier Reef where you can do this.

There are a variety of nature experiences on offer at Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort including birdwatching, guided nature and history tours, the reef education centre, and depending on the time of the year, visitors can witness rare sightings like turtle hatchings.

The Great Barrier Reef in a Day tour includes lunch and will have you back in Brisbane by dinner time. But make sure you tune into Part 2 of our Lady Elliot Island Adventure on Sunday, May 6, where we’ll introduce you to the passionate man behind the island and you’ll see why this place has won so many eco-tourism awards.

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort

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Posted by The Great Day Out on Sunday, 6 May 2018

Lady Elliot Island is a coral cay that sits 80k’s off the coast of Bundaberg at the Southern end of The Great Barrier Reef.

It’s a natural haven for an abundance of marine life, and an eco-friendly playground for visitors from all over the world. That’s all thanks to one man’s vision, Peter Gash – a legend in the tourism industry – who considers himself the custodian of this special patch.

Peter and his team have built and revegetated the islands from a once devoid guano mine site. They are dedicated to minimising their carbon footprint and giving back to the environment  – which has won them countless eco-tourism awards. They installed a solar power station, they reduce waste by turning food scraps into compost to grow plants in their own nursery, they revegetate the island with several thousand trees a year and they’re committed to educating guests about the natural wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef.

There are so many ways to explore this underwater paradise – either by snorkelling scuba diving, a reef walk, or the brand new transparent kayaks.

People travel here from all over the world for the life-changing marine encounters – from the renowned Manta Rays to turtles, whales, and an abundance of sea life all thrive in this protected green-zone.

Peter is a passionate advocate for the reef and the environment and he loves sharing that passion with visitors.

You can experience Lady Elliot Island on a day trip which included flights from Redcliffe or the Gold Coast (watch Part One – Great Barrier Reef in a Day here)

…or you can enjoy an extended stay in their eco-accommodation. They have everything from eco-tents, family cabins to brand new glamping tents on the water’s edge.

If you’d like to experience Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort and Peter’s passion for yourself, visit their website and take a browse on

Lady Elliot Island