Ipswich Kids

It may not seem like the most obvious choice for a family day out – but Ipswich is a fantastic place to take the kids.

The Workshops Rail Museum is always a big hit, especially for those who like to play with trains. But something new has come to town! The museum has been taken over by a menagerie of creatures frozen in time. A Room for Wild Animals allows visitors to get up close to 20 taxidermy specimens from the Queensland Museum’s collection. As well as the exhibition, there are hands-on activities inspiring children to let their imaginations run wild.

Another creative space that’s ideal for children is the Ipswich Art Gallery. The Towers of Tomorrow exhibition showcases 12 iconic mega towers from Asia and Australia – scaled-down replicas of existing structures created entirely from Lego.

The towers were built by Australia’s very own Lego Professional, Ryan McNaught. There are four timed sessions daily – so make sure you book your spot!

Towers of Tomorrow – Ipswich Art Gallery
Until 9th July 2017

A Room for Wild Animals – Workshops Rail Museum
Until 26th November 2017