Ipswich Google Trekker

Google Street view gives us panoramic views of streets around the world. But what about lessor known trails… those a car can’t access?

That’s where the “Trekker” comes in. It’s a backpack camera that Josh “The Bear” Kerr is carrying around over 40 locations throughout Ipswich.

The device is fitted with 15 camera which record photos every 2.5 seconds to provide 360 degree views as Josh walks through the region.

Thanks to the Google Trekker, and Josh’s efforts, places like Hidden Vale Adventure Park and its stellar hiking and biking trails will now be accessible around the world.

When it isn’t strapped to Josh, the Google trekker camera is stationed at the Ipswich Visitor Information Centre. Be sure to head along and check it out for yourself.

To view a full list of the trails now accessible with Google Street View, visit the Discover Ipswich website here.

Ipswich Visitor Information Centre
14 Queen Victoria Parade, Ipswich
3281 0555

Hidden Vale Adventure Park
617 Grandchester Mount Mort Rd, Grandchester QLD
Phone: 0414 343 579