Gympie Road Chermside

It may sit in the shadow of an enourmous shopping centre, but you’ll find that more specific interests are catered for outside on Gympie Road.

On the site of the old Dawn Theatre is a bridal precinct that will make any bride’s day a little easier. Odessey Bridal and Sugar and Spice have a huge array of dress to peruse, and a day of dress shopping can be capped off with High tea at the Dawn Tea Room. Chef Silvana worked at Brisbane icon Queenies for over a decade before starting her own business, so he knows how to make a girls’ day special.

Across the road, all sorts of hobbies are looked after. There’s the Dice Spot which sells specialty board games, the fabric store for seamstresses looking for a more unique bolt of fabric, and the Lawnton Book Stop. Owner Dale takes great pride in her collection of books, and she sorts them via category rather than alphabetically. So open your mind and you might find a new favourite.