Golf with a twist: foot golf in Brisbane & Friday nights in Bulimba

The old game of golf has been the same for centuries. You know what they say about a good thing? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well golf certainly isn’t broken, but how about modifying it a little?

Specifically, why not sub out the golf ball for a soccer ball, and the clubs for your legs? Sound outrageous? Well it is…outrageous fun! Foot Golf is a craze that is sweeping the world. There are competitive meets held on courses all over America and Europe, and now it has made its way to Brisbane.

Same rules apply as normal golf. You “tee” off by kicking the ball down the fairway, then nudging it into a hole that has been widened to fit it.

The team at Virginia Golf Club run daily foot golf sessions on their back nine, from 3 p.m. It’s a beautiful spot, and ideal for a casual kickaround, or something a little more serious.

There aren’t many downfalls of golf, but when it comes to playing at night, it’s not the easiest. So the team at Bulimba Golf Club have brightened things up a little by illuminating their course!

Add a glow-in-the-dark ball into the mix, and golfers can tee off all night long.

The Bulimba club holds night golf sessions fairly regularly; the next Friday Night Golf date is March 29. You can find the schedule here. Prices start from $25 per person, which includes a drink on arrival.