Fighter Pilot Experience

If you’re lucky enough (or brave enough) to do this amazing experience, you get a briefing from the instructors at the Air Combat Centre – their 30 minute mission is designed to give you a taste of what flying a fast jet is really like. You’ll get a flight suit and a call sign. Be warned though; it’s addictive.

You will be expertly briefed by our instructors, taken into the jet and given instruction through your flight. Bomb ranges, take on enemy fighters or target drones, this mission will have you buzzing.

Then you’ll jump into a real life jet or the ultimate adrenaline experience, spiral through the skies reaching G-forces of up to 6.5 and speeds of up to 900 KM/H. You’re in control of the intensity crank up the Adrenalin or take it down a notch!

Barrel rolls, loops, inversions, wingovers, negative g-force, all things that you could expect from an incredible experience like this. Fighter Pilot offers once-in-a-lifetime flight experiences to adventurers and thrill-seekers alike.

Hangar 612
Lores Bonney Drive
Archerfield Airport
3274 3007

Air Combat Centre
Hendra, QLD, 4011
07 3371 5737