Festival 2018

Marking time with that ‘other’ big event in April, Festival 2018 will bring more than 160 cultural, artistic and performance events to the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns and Townville.  And most of the entertainment is family-friendly and free!

The festival will span the 12 days of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games – with major entertainment hubs at Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach, plus a further 28 venues across the coast.  As people move between sporting spectacles, there’ll be something colourful and cultural to catch the eye and engage imaginations.

Gold Coast bars and restaurants will open for longer throughout the festival, so the public can make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime cultural fiesta.

Holoscenes from New York and Arboria from the UK are among many international acts coming to Queensland for the celebrations. Yet, more than half the performers engaged for the festival are home-grown – including Relative Creative, an artists’ collective from Burleigh Heads.

For 4 days of Festival 2018, the Relative Creative team will roll out a kilometres-long art installation on the beach between Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise – using giant rollers drawn by a tractor; hand-pushed rollers; and stamps to impress kilometre-long images in the sand. The public will be invited to make their own mark too – leaving thought-provoking impressions about future challenges for humanity.

While the Gold Coast is the epicentre of the festival, the fun will reach well beyond the ‘glitter strip’.

Loads of free events will light up the tropics in Cairns and Townsville – and Brisbane won’t miss out, with performances, exhibitions and installations happening at more than 14 venues across the city.

Flipside Circus School celebrates 20 years with a show called “Revolve” – a kind of ‘circus jazz’ performance combining rehearsed spectacle with improvisation and audience interaction.

Festival 2018 runs between the 4th and 15th April – coinciding with the 21st Commonwealth Games.

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Festival 2018