Brisbane’s Version of the Amazing Race

In the spirit of the Amazing Race, a Queensland company has created a fun treasure hunt activity they call Breakout Brisbane. It’s a great way to get to know CBD landmarks better.

Three city challenges pit as many as 10 teams against each other. It’s ideal for groups of two to five participants, although custom corporate events can be created to cater for as many as 200 competitors.

The aim for each team is to solve puzzles and claim points by following a clue book that sends them to landmarks and points of interest all over the city. Teammates have to work together to solve problems and complete challenging tasks.

Phones are used to take photographs or videos as instructed in the rule book, but teams can’t use them to navigate or look up answers to the brain teasers.

It’s fine for people to use public transport to get around, but not private transport, so that rules out ride-share companies and hire scooters.

While there is a time limit, it is not strictly a race, so it’s an activity that suits a stroll as much as it does a run. Competitors just need to be mobile, and happy to traverse the footpaths and parks of the city.

Because much of the time is spent outdoors, it’s recommended by the creators of Breakout Brisbane that participants wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Having a team colour or outfit is optional, but it adds to the fun of the event!

 Billy Bentley had great fun on Breakout Brisbane’s CBD and Botanic Gardens course, and there is also one that works its way through the South Bank and Kangaroo Point Cliffs area. The third course also takes in the CBD, but heads into Roma Street Parklands. It’s a great way to experience what is a very special green space.

You can reach Breakout Brisbane to make a booking at or 3343 9472.