Brisbane Her Story Tour

Imagine taking a tour of Brisbane with a guide who has been dead for 83 years. No it’s not a ghost tour… It’s a Brisbane Her Story Tour, an excursion where you’re told the stories of historical figures BY a historical figure.

The guide is Rosa Praed, Australia’s first internationally recognised author, writing over 40 novels in her time.

Strolling through the streets of the CBD, you not only get to know Rosa, but 26 other significant women of Brisbane who paved the way in marriage, science and politics.

Women such as Lady Diamantina. She established the Brisbane Servants Home in 1863 to train young female servants and give them more options when it came to earning a living. This home is now the Brisbane School of Arts on Ann Street.

Then there’s Emma Miller, a women’s rights activist who’s been immortalised as a statue in King George Square and even has a song written about the time she thrust her hat pin into the flank of the Police Commissioner’s horse causing him to come tumbling down.

OK, so you’ve probably guessed by now that she isn’t actually the Rosa Praed… she’s played by Natalie Cowling of Talk of the Town Storytelling.

Natalie has always loved performance thanks to her years as a drama teacher and coupled with her love of Brisbane, it’s the perfect match.

“These are all real stories, and to be able to capture the stories in front of beautiful historic buildings… Brisbane is my stage,” she beams proudly.

Talk of the Town Storytelling offer a number of different performance tours and there are new tours constantly developing.

To book a Brisbane Her Story Tour of your own, visit their website!