Brisbane Bridges

In a city divided by a river, you could say our most important structures are our bridges. They’re what hold the city together and without them we would need to rely on ferries to get from north to south.
The Victoria Bridge is technically our oldest bridge. She was first built in 1861 but fell down and was rebuilt three times since. While the current carnation is only 50 years old, a 120-year-old abutment still stands on the Southbank side. It’s only recently opened to the public.
The Kurilpa bridge is the world’s largest structure built using the power of tensegrity. The spars and masts in the bridges balance against each other making a bridge that’s incredibly light, but also incredibly strong.
While the Story Bridge isn’t as famous as other bridges from around the world, it does have a very unique claim to fame. Its pylons go twice as deep as another iconic bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge. When workers were constructing the Story bridge they had to go through a decompression chamber just to do their job!

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