BBQs and Boats: How to spend a day on the Noosa River!

BBQ pontoon boats have been a popular option for families, friends and fishos for years. They are stable, comfortable, and easy to operate, making them an awesome idea for a day on the water.

OBoat Hire on Gympie Terrace in Noosaville, offer pontoon boats that are wheelchair accessible! So Karni and the team take one out for a spin, with a few tasty treats in tow.

Now, of course, no BBQ would be complete without a couple of snags, and the best ones going around are from the master butchers at Eumundi Meats. They have a store positioned in the buzzing foodie precinct, Belmondos on the Sunny Coast. Eumundi Meats is also where World Champion butcher Dale Spencer practices his trade. Every two years, there’s an even called the World Butchers’ Challenge…think of it as the Olympics of Meats. Teams from all over the world come together to create meals and practice their butchery skills by breaking down a beast. Dale is one of only six butchers in Australia that will be heading to Canada in 2020 to compete in the next challenge.

Belmondos’ also plays host to BioShop, a store dedicated to sourcing the best in Organic produce. Uwe, the owner of Bio Shop, reckons he has been doing organic since before it was cool – for 25 years in fact! One interesting thing we learned from Uwe, is that you can trace a product’s heritage lines when it is organic. Subsequently, Uwe can pinpoint 6 different flavours of apple in his store, and a similar number of potatoes.

Also under the umbrella of Belmondos’ is Tanglewood Bakery, VanillaFood, Voodoo Bacon and Noosa Cleanse. All boasting beautiful organic, locally sourced wares that are simply mouth-watering.