A dog-friendly weekend in South East Queensland

From cafés to parks, and even accommodation…there are plenty of pet-friendly offerings now available throughout South East Queensland.

And it’s no wonder – seeing as over 60 per cent of Aussies have a pet – the highest number of pet owners in the world!

So, gather those leashes and water bowls … because spending time with your four-legged pal has never been easier.

Atticus Finch in Paddington is the perfect spot to start the day, offering a special menu just for your dog – it doesn’t get more pet-friendly than that!

The puppicinos are the most popular menu item. Don’t worry, they use lactose-free milk, so it won’t upset the tummies. They also occasionally offer doggy ice cream and dog beer (non-alcoholic… it’s made of stock).

The café’s been up and running for about four years and has become very popular with the furry locals.

Another hugely popular spot with the pets (as well as the owners) is Nudgee Dog Beach. There you’ll find all the essentials for a doggy day out, like an off-leash area, a spot to swim, drinking water, bins and most importantly, plenty of new friends.

About an hour north of Nudgee is Ocean View and Brockhurst Farm. It boasts 22 acres of lush country landscape and the three cabins on offer are all… you guessed it… pet-friendly.

A highlight is the freshwater dam… very popular with the four-legged and sometimes even the two!

There are so many reasons to take your pet with you for a little getaway, and now there’s really no excuse not to.

They’ll thank you for it.

By Bettina Maniatis