2019 Ekka Competitors: From art to whip-cracking

For 142 years, people of all ages, size and skill have competed at the Royal Queensland Show for a chance to win the coveted blue ribbon. With more than 21,000 competition entries across 11,000 classes in 48 different sections, these competitions are what sets the Ekka apart from the rest, as the very heart and soul of our state’s most beloved event!

While it’s a tradition for many Queensland families to attend each year, it’s also a tradition for those to learn the ropes early and compete for their very first time… at skills like whip-cracking!

Lawson Milligan.

Meet Lawson Milligan from Maudsland on the Gold Coast. Little Lawson is just 4 years old and has only been cracking for a couple of months after being taught by his father Lachlan. And while he may be at day-care, Lawson’s hobbies already include horse riding and whip-cracking… not quite at the same time (yet), but we can’t wait to see how he goes in this year’s competition!

Alastair McLeod & Alice Finlay.

Another competitor entering for the first time is Alice Finlay. Alice grew up on a sheep property in Stanthorpe, which is where she draws most of her inspiration from, with works depicting realistic scenes and characters from rural Australia. Alice is entering the below drawing of an Aboriginal Stockman in the Painting and Drawing section of the Fine Arts. Just check out that incredible detail!

Alice Finlay’s Stockman Drawing.

There’s going to be plenty of healthy competition at this year’s Ekka, so head along and support folks like Lawson and Alice doing what they do best! Gates open from 9 a.m. on Friday the 9th until Sunday the 18th of August, 2019. Tickets can be purchased here.