Wild Forage Australia

Wild foraging is much more than a buzz word on the Sunshine Coast’s culinary scene. In fact, it’s one of the most ancient methods of collecting food and something that chef Nick Blake is more than passionate about.

Nick runs Wild Forage Australia – picking and supplying wild and unique ingredients to a handful of restaurants in the South East. Nick forages for a range of coastal, rural and urban wild foods. The beaches of the Sunshine Coast provide a bounty of edible seaweeds, warrigal greens, wild herbs, fungi, native flowers, the list goes on…if it’s wild, edible and in season, he will source it.

Nick trained at Noma in Sydney – which some claim to be the best restaurant in the world – but he also has an environmental science background. Nick’s follows sustainable and ethical foraging methods, and only takes what he needs. The wild greens, herbs and seaweeds are delivered weekly to restaurants through Graham from Suncoast Fresh.

Nick believes the foraged ingredients help to give a meal context and tell a story and his own signature dish can be found on the menu at local Alex-heads restaurant Black Bunny Kitchen.

Wild Forage Australia