Where to find Brisbane’s best wine, beer & rum!

South East Queensland has a wine-growing history dating back 160 years, and like all good wines, it’s developed with age!

In the mid-1800s, the city of Brisbane had about 350 acres under vine. Today, Brisbane has its very own inner-city winery. Appropriately named, City Winery it is the first urban winery in Brisbane, and just the third to open in Australia. The label is called Gerler, named after Carl Gerler, a German immigrant who had 14 acres of vines along the Brisbane River, where Doomben Racecourse now stands.

Winemaker Dave Cush buys grapes from all around Australia and makes his wines on the premises. The local and fresh produce also applies to the kitchen, with the head chef sourcing only the very best from local suppliers.

Dave and co-founder Adam have created a space that is unique to Brisbane – providing an experience you can’t get elsewhere — from cellar door tastings to winery tours, to a high-end dining experience, all in the one spot in the inner city.

Speaking of unique, Felons Brewery is another location in Brisbane where fresh local produce is used to make the finest and tastiest Australian products – in this case, beer!

For example, Felons’ sour range of beers celebrates fruit. A popular brew is the mandarin sour they have on tap, which is made from local mandarins from Munduberra. Their philosophy with every fruit sourced for sour beer is that it must come from somewhere in Queensland to celebrate Queensland produce.

Something else worth celebrating is the wonderful location of Felons Brewery, tucked under the Story Bridge in the Howard Smith Wharves precinct.

Another iconic Brisbane location is Suncorp Stadium, and hiding in the shadows of the stadium is Malecon Rum Bar. This is a small, dark, moody bar that takes its name from the Malecon esplanade and seawall in Cuba. And like its namesake, Malecon Rum Bar serves as a meeting place for locals.

The locals have over 110 rums to choose from – whether you like your rum straight-up, or mixed into a cocktail. There is a distillery on site that produces Milton Rum, which in itself is almost worthy of a visit.