Urban Producers

As our cities continue to expand, there’s a growing niche with our green thumbs and gardeners. Many are now striving to produce the best possible product…  With only a pint-sized patch, is there any future in it for these urban producers?

Seems it is so – Moggill Honey literally use peoples’ backyards to produce their honey and name each type of honey by the area it was grown. From the ‘Kolo Kelidescope’ to the  ‘Tivoli Treasure’ and the ‘Camp Mountain Comfort’, each site produces a different batch of different flavours.

Not only is the product that they produce, 100% honey, there’s actually a benefit to supporting your local Bee Keeper; bee-lieve it or not having honey from your local area is supposed to expose you to the local pollens and help hay fever.

You can find out about hosting a hive, beekeeping or buying the products from their website.

Want to see the future of farming, right here in the heart of Brisbane? Hidden above the entrance to Eat Street in Hamilton is a singular white shipping container that is home to Modular Farms. Using the latest in technology they aim to revolutionise how our plants produce the goods. And get this – one shipping container is the equivalent of one acre of land – able to produce up to 84kg of kale a year and over 2,000 heads of lettuce. The future is here! You can visit the Modular Farm and taste the produce at the Eat Street Markets at Northshore, Hamilton.