Top 10 Quirkiest Coffees in Australia

We’re all about the biggest burger challenges and wackiest food creations at The Great Day Out (Exhibit A — our crew attempting the below #1kgdonutchallenge)… and we also love our coffee. So when we stumbled across Kenilworth Country Bakery’s coffee in a donut, we knew there was no coming back from our regular order!

Below we’ve compiled an extended list of where you can order the quirkiest coffees in Australia… but be warned, they’re pretty outrageous!

1. Pawpaw Cafe, Woolloongabba QLD

Upping the coffee game to next level is Pawpaw Café in Woolloongabba… where you can get a selfie/logo/quote printed onto your coffee. All you have to do is download the app Ripples and choose Pawpaw as your location (if you’re in Brisbane), and upload a picture of what you’d like printed! Alternatively, Pawpaw has its own list of custom sayings you can choose from. It’s as simple as that… only $1 extra on top of your coffee order.

Pawpaw Cafe.

2. Bunker Coffee, Milton QLD 

The coffee itself doesn’t always have to be quirky… sometimes it’s the location that sets it apart from the rest! Like this old World War II air raid shelter that’s become a coffee outlet, called Bunker Coffee. Its conversion is the handiwork of owner, Marcus Allison, who spied the abandoned space in Milton and visualised a new life for its history-laden walls! Plus — the coffee is really good. Like REALLY good.

Bunker Coffee.

3. Goodness Gracious, Graceville QLD 

Cake and coffee is quite the combo… but how about a drink that combines both?! Goodness Gracious in Graceville has done just that with their outrageously delicious red velvet lattes and super-charged chais… they’re like a hug in a mug.

Red Velvet Latte at Goodness Gracious.

4. Coffee in a Donut at Kenilworth Bakery, Kenilworth QLD 

Combining two of the world’s most enjoyed delicacies is Kenilworth Bakery. This cinnamon doughnut, lined with gooey Nutella and filled with coffee, has customers lining up out the door. The trick on how to tackle it is to drink the coffee first and enjoy the donut second. It’ll set you back a mere $8, and is a 10/10 in our books. It’s definitely worth the two-hour drive from Brisbane.

Kenilworth Country Bakery.

5. Mushroom Latte at Knox Dining, Main Beach Gold Coast QLD 

Disclaimer: while this isn’t technically on their menu, Knox Dining still delivered on this epic creation! And it could be the next big trend, since mushrooms are packed full of health benefits. Conceptually, customers would drink their coffee out of the field mushroom and then consume what remains. Dare to ask them to whip you one up?

Photo by @knoxdining on Instagram.

6. Coffee in a Cone at Darling Cafe, South Yarra VIC

Where do we begin…?! First, the cone is coated with special chocolate compound made from various types of cacao in order to make it leak-proof… filled with either a cappuccino or an espresso. The catch is, you have around 10 minutes to drink it before it starts melting the waffle cone! Try it next time you’re in Melbourne.

Coffee in a Cone, Darling Cafe Victoria.
Photo by @darlingcafe on Instagram.

7. Avolatte at Truman Cafe, Albert Park VIC

Avolatte… why yes, I will, thank you! This is your millennial coffee order… combining coffee and avocados, of course. Truman Cafe, also in Melbourne, is where you’ll find this bad boy.

Avolatte at Truman Cafe.
Photo by @babeslovebrunch on Instagram.

8. Neon Coffee at Piggy Back Cafe, Jindalee QLD 

They first came out with rainbow coffee… and now neon coffee has hit the cups of Piggy Back Cafe! And it’s meant to taste as good as it looks. Would you give it a whirl?

Piggyback Cafe.
Photo by @piggybackcafe on Instagram.

9. Rose Latte at Botanical Lab in My Bakery Lane, Fortitude Valley QLD 

Botanical Lab stole our heart with this rose latte… the light floral and almost fruity, smooth flavour is just delicious, and pretty! Also home to a pretty sensational looking unicorn milk tea and earl grey latte.

Rose Latte at Botanical Lab.
Photo by @myvalleybne on Instagram.

10. Rainbow Coffee at Too Many Chiefs, Brighton VIC 

They say it takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow… but sometimes all you need are coffee beans, milk… and a wee bit of food colouring! Too Many Chiefs serves up this delicious cup of colours, and is just another place to add to your list of quirky coffees to try!

Too Many Chiefs cafe.
Photo by @too_manychiefs on Instagram.

Written by Sammy Cheney