Toowoomba Foodie Scene

From graffiti-clad laneways, hidden restaurants and rooftop bars, to putting the spotlight back on local produce – the dining scene in Toowoomba has to be seen, and of course tasted, to be believed. Change is afoot and we’re calling it early – Toowoomba is in the middle of a food renaissance! Leading the charge in a very forward-thinking way is Little Seed. It’s a warm, inviting restaurant that focuses on sourcing food as ethically and sustainable as possible…and that means offering a menu that is entirely plant based! (yes vegan…but trust us, it tastes awesome).

Jess and her chef husband Asher owned the popular Firefly, but opened this new venture to for the greater good – using only locally sourced produce to reduce the effects on the environment. It’s a philosophy that evident in every aspect of the restaurant – from the meals, to the waste, that’s tuned into compost for the kitchen garden. Jess admits that it was a risk to go “green”, but Toowoomba has embraced it!

Adventurous tastebuds have also journeyed over to Kajoku, where they’ve introduced locals to traditional Japanese and Korean dining. The Korean BBQ is a popular choice – where diners can barbeque a variety of meats on the hotplate that’s built into the table! The menu features Japanese and Korean favourites, or soon-to-be, like stirfries, hotpots, dumplings, and the famous marinated meats. You can also book the traditional tables and karaoke rooms for group events. You could say Kajoku is progressive in more way than one…they’ll be part of a Progressive Food & Wine Walking Tour during the upcoming Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. They’ll be offering the entrée as part of the tour.
For mains, the progressive tour will meander a few steps away to Zev’s Bistro, where chef Kyle Zevenbergen has introduced finer-fare to town, with a focus on nose-to-tail dining. Zev’s is proudly Toowoomba’s only chef-hatted restaurant! They’re also proud to use the fabulous local produce from Toowoomba.

The region’s spectacular local produce will be celebrated in a variety of dishes and events at the upcoming Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers! It kicks off on September 15 and last for 10 delicious days! There’s an absolute smorgasbord of food and wine events – from gala dinners, progressive tours, and the famous food & wine festival…as well as a blooming great program of family-friendly events that you’ll find online.

Little Seed
100 Russell Street, Toowoomba
4564 9197

Kajoku Koren & Japanese Cuisine
Level 1, 430 Ruthven Street Toowoomba
4564 9229

Zev’s Bistro
517 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba
4564 8683