The best place to get the freshest produce in Brisbane

It’s early on a Sunday morning and there’s a quiet commotion going on near the Woodridge train station. Hundreds have been gathering here for the last couple of hours – setting up stalls, placing their wares and getting ready for a big day of trading.

The Global Food Markets have become an institution for ethnicities to sell their food and produce and every Sunday thousands visit to get the best in fruit and veggies.

Starting as a way to help recently settled migrants and refugees to make money, food expert Deva Naiker tells us that most of the produce is grown in the Logan area, “ They are growing them in the backyards, in little plots, little garden beds… one of the best parts about the Global Food Markets is our guys grow all this.

And people who settle eventually find their place, find their way to these markets. And they find all these little things that remind them back of home. Food brings people together.”