Samford Harvest

The Samford Valley has long been a region known for its agricultural produce. And recently a new breed of farmer has emerged that’s doing things a little differently.

Liam Hughes from Lot 81 Micro Farm is an urban farmer who’s transformed his back yard into a working farm that produces a range of fresh produce including radishes, leafy greens, salad mixes and much more. Visitors can purchase his produce by visiting on Fridays between 2-5 and on weekends.

Nearby, farmers Phil Garozzo and Alice Star are also doing things very differently.  They call themselves ‘Loop Growers’. They collect waste, or ‘yield’ as they prefer to call it, from cafes in and around Brisbane. They use that yield to grow produce on their farm and that produce is then sold back to the same cafes. It’s a closed loop, hence the name.

For foodies who would like to sample the best of local Samford Valley produce, then the upcoming Samford Harvest is perfect. It’s on the 4th of August and it’s a night of fine food prepared by Chef Alastair McLeod.